Seyon NS K series UPS Systems:

100% power continuity for contemporary business applications.

NS K - uninterruptible power supplies operate in conjunction with existing electrical systems to provide power conditioning, back-up protection, and distribution for electronic equipment loads that use three phase power. Also NS K UPS prevents power disturbances such as outage, sags, surges, spikes, and noise from affecting the performance and life of the electronic device and vital data. Seyon provides a range of three-phase true "modular" and standalone transformer less UPS solutions. All these UPS solutions are recognised as being at the forefront of power protection innovation and technology.

SEYON NS K Series(5-20KVA)


Salient Features
Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) / Microprocessor Design
SPWM Technology with IGBTs
Wide Input Voltage Range
Active Power Factor Correction - Input P.F>0.96
High Efficiency
Compact Design to suit the Interiors
Easy Installation, Simple Operation
Versatile Communication Options
SNMP Interface
Web Enabled Monitoring
Parallel Redundant Configuration

SEYON NS K Series(30-60KVA)


Salient Features
Advanced DSP/Microprocessor Controller
SPWM Technology with IGBT's
Wide Input Voltage Range
High Input Power Factor - Input P.F > 0.95
Intelligent Battery Management System (Optional)
True Galvanic Isolation Design
High Efficiency
Compact Design to suit the interiors
Modular Design for easy Maintenance
High MTBF and minimum MTTR
SNMP Interface
Web Enabled monitoring
Parallel Redundant Configuration (N+1)
Full Function LCD Display to Monitor Electrical Parameters
Compliance to Internationals Standards