Home Inverters

First-class protection for your PC - from the Market Leader in India.

The sudden breakdown of power makes you feel that you are in Stone Age. The demand for electricity is constantly increasing because of the constantly increasing population, but the supply is not being able to match the demand of the altering population. This leads to long power cuts to distribute the limited power supply evenly. The only solution for this sorry state is to resort to alternative sources of power that will support all the electrical equipments, be it in your home or office. One such alternative source of generating enough power is "inverter".



Salient Features
Micro controller based intelligent control circuit
Smart Automatic Overload Sense with Auto Restart and % of load Display
Supports both computer & Light
High Efficiency
Cold Start Feature
Short Circuit Protection
Batter Over Charge and Deep Discharge Protections
Extra Cover Battery Over Charge Alarm
Crystal Clear LED Graphic Display
Holiday Mode
Easily Serviceable.